Hollywood smile cost by top elite dentists and dental clinics

Hollywood smile veneers Lumineers Zirconium crowns cost by the best dentists in the region:

Lumineers veneers Lebanon Ferrari dental clinic Sin el Fil Beirut Lebanon

Hollywood smile options and techniques can differ from dentist to dentist, as also depends on the dental clinic or the country of Medical Tourism.

Dr.Habib Zarifeh introduced in the Middle East the first ISO 9001:2008 first certified dental clinics dentists, and centers using utmost technology in dental care and especially in Hollywood smile.

Hollywood smile cost depends mainly on the product or brand name, to simplify best, mainly the techniques used in Hollywood smile are:

  1.  Lumineers
  2.  Veneers
  3.  Zirconium crowns
  4. Dental implants
  5. Laser Teeth Whitening

A – Lumineers by Cerinate:

The cost varies from 500$ to 900$ per tooth depending on the severity of the cases, basically for severe cases they cost 900$/tooth, for average cases 700$/tooth, however as exclusive official provider for Lumineers by cerinate in Lebanon and many other Arab countries, Ferrari dental clinic provides sometimes executive promotions for 499$/tooth, or ticket, accommodation, and transportation…


This treatment needs 2 sessions in 6 business days.

For more info about the international warranty, the technique and the brand name… visit our website Lumineers Lebanon.

B- Veneers (cerec veneers, prepless veneers, Emax veneers, Empress veneers, Cad Cam veneers…):

The cost varies from 500$ to 700$ per tooth depending on the complexity of the cases, however, as one of the main user of the computerized digital cad cam dentistry in Lebanon and the Middle East, Ferrari dental clinic provides state of the art veneers Hollywood smile cosmetic treatment in one or two sessions.


For more info about the Cerec digital dentistry international warranty, the technique and the brand name…  visit our website: Veneers Lebanon

C- Zirconium crowns and bridges:

The cost of the zirconium crowns varies from 700$ to 900$ per tooth, with the help of the Sirona cerec Inlab Cad Cam technology, Ferrari dental clinic provides excellent quality of service in two sessions in a couple of days.

zirconium crowns zirconium bridge zirconium and Lumineers veneers zirconium veneers lumineers

For more info about the product, the technique and the brand name…  visit our website: Hollywood smile Lebanon

D- Dental implants:

The dental implants cost varies enormously cause many factors to affect the treatment, whether it is with bone graft or gum graft or Zirconium crowns…

basically, a dental implant treatment cost varies between 1200$ and 2000$.

For more info visit: Dental implants Lebanon

dental implants cost 341dental implants cost dental implants cost in Lebanon

E- Laser teeth whitening or Laser bleaching:

The cost is around 300$ to 400$ depending on the cases, basically, the cosmetic dentist at Ferrari dental clinic use 2 laser sessions and home bleaching trays are provided for the patients in one package.

Dentist Lebanon Lumineers Beirut by Habib Zarifeh

For more info about the multiple techniques of teeth whitening, visit our website: Teeth whitening Lebanon

Whatever the technique used for Hollywood smile, the elite dentists have always the skill, the ambition, the technology to be a true entrepreneur inspiring patient lives.


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