Dental Anxiety can be treated

Dental Anxiety can be treated

While some people might make light of the fact that they dread visiting the dentist for a checkup, for many it’s no laughing matter. Dental phobias and related anxiety can cause a great deal of distress to people affected, sometimes with far-reaching consequences on their general health.


A common reaction to dental fears is to avoid coming to the dentist unless absolutely necessary. In some cases, this can mean that gum disease or tooth decay will be left untreated and will progress to advanced infection, causing great discomfort and potentially leading to tooth loss. The more regularly a patient has routine check-ups and maintenance, the less chance there will be of requiring extensive dental work caused by neglect.
Our practice rounds up a welcoming and friendly environment, where patients with anxiety and phobias will feel comfortable enough to receive the dental care that they need. If you have dental anxiety, we recommend that you contact us for a consultation where we can discuss your needs and help you maintain and keep your teeth.

Dental Anxiety Treatments:

  • Sedation dentistry


One of the strategies we offer patients who have dental anxiety is sedation.

It’s a Type of medication which is given to a patient to help them feel completely calm and relaxed for the duration of their dental treatment. This is an effective and safe way to help patients with dental anxiety to feel more at ease.

  • General anesthesia.

This service is offered in our dental division at Clemenceau medical center to ensure our patients receive the best care.


  • Friendly staff and approachable
  • Hand signals

To indicate if the patient wants to have a break during treatment

Our practice has been designed with patient comfort at the forefront:

We’ve paid attention to every detail from our choices in the architecture, equipment, lighting and noise levels, for example.

You’re welcome here, Smile Infinity®

We have been experts in dentistry for many years now and have helped numerous nervous patients during this time to feel more comfortable while we take care of their oral health. Thanks to the high level of qualification of our dentists, we can offer patients a multidisciplinary treatment approach.

 Our services include:

Talk to Us, We Are Always Willing to Listen

The great news is that dental anxiety can be treated. There are a number of strategies that can be used to help put patients at ease. We would encourage you to talk to us about your concerns, whether you are the patient yourself or you are contacting us on behalf of a loved one.

Our Dental Centers:

Dubai: +971564592353

Lebanon: +96170567444(hotline)

Jeddah: +966 56 110 9111

Michigan : +1 313 582 1919

Senegal: + 221 77 700 77


Smile Infinity®, creating smiles all over the world




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