Does chewing gum eliminate bad breath?

Bad breath can be caused by many things.

The most common reason is food debris and dental plaque that remains in the mouth after having a meal or tobacco smoking.


Chewing gum can be a quick way to reduce the bad smell in your mouth after eating, but the effect won’t last for a long time.

To make sure that you won’t suffer from bad breath after a meal, it’s important to:

  • Brush well and to floss in order to get rid of all dental plaque that can remain around and in between your teeth, as well as the plaque above the gums.
  • Brush your tongue because a lot of food residue can stock up there and cause a hideous smell in your mouth.

If you follow all those hygiene measures and you still have bad breath, you can consult us and detect the real cause of bad breath with the most advanced dental technology, Halimeter®  . 


You might be suffering from gum disease or dry mouth, Mouth Infections, Which often cause bad breath. Also, if you have tartar around your teeth, only a dental cleaning can eliminate it.

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