Get rid of your gummy smile with NO SURGERY!!

While most gummy smiles are aesthetic in nature, excessive gingival display resulting from underlying conditions needs special dental care to be treated properly.

A gummy smile does not affect your abilities, but it affects the appearance of your smile. However, there various treatment options to fix this issue.

1. Lip repositioning surgery: 

The lip is cut from the inside using diode Laser or Waterlase® technology that eliminates pain or possible infections and speeds up recovery time, with NO STITCHES.

2. Botox the upper lip:

The thing is, Botox wears out after a few months and you will need to get another injection to maintain the desired result.

3. Crown lengthening with osseous surgery

This procedure basically means having your gums and bone trimmed to lengthen your teeth permanently. Some patients have an excessive bone which causes excessive gums to form. So when we trim that bone away with the gums you’ll have a perfect smile without repeating any procedures.

Crown lengthening

4. Laser surgery

Increase the length of the teeth by cutting a few millimeters of the gum around the teeth with WaterLase® (for simple to moderate cases).

During this painless procedure, the gum tissues are contoured around each individual tooth. The tissue is lifted off the bone and placed in a desired new position. The WaterLase® MD Turbo minimizes operative time and post-operative complications. It also provides faster healing and offers an immediate result in gum surgery.


Before and After with Smile Infinity® technique


Do you want to get rid of that gummy smile? Click HERE and get your appointment in your nearest dental centers around the world!

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