cavities treatment at Smile Infinity® is a different case!

Tooth decay, or dental caries, are yellow or dark spots found on your tooth that can cause you pain and difficulty while eating, comes from food with carbohydrates like soda, cake, candy, cereal and all sugary that stays on your teeth turns bacteria in your mouth into acids. The bacteria, food debris, acid, and saliva combine to form plaque which holds on to the teeth. The acids in plaque dissolve the enamel, creating holes and signs of the cavities!


Tooth Decay

When you see signs of a cavity, directly contact your dentist to fix it because if a cavity is not treated it will destroy a good part of the tooth and if a lot of the tooth is gone, only a dental crown can restore it!

If the decay’s bacteria reach the pulp chamber, it will become irritated and infected because this is where the blood vessels and the nerve is located and this case will lead to an abscess, which can be very painful and only a root canal can fix it, probably followed by a crown for a final restoration! And if you do not care about treating your teeth… It will cause you a much bigger problem where the cavity damages too much of your tooth, and unfortunately, it will need to be extracted. tooth definition.jpg
Well, Root canal treatment at Smile infinity clinics is a virtually pain-free way to eliminate the often agonizing pain of an infected or highly inflamed tooth and may help to prevent worsening pain or infection. It is a highly skilled area of dentistry and generally using the laser to complete an EndoLase procedure which provides very conservative treatment of the anatomy of the inside of the tooth, that is why Laser Endo and Microscopic Endo are options at our clinics for conservative treatment and best results.


micro dentistry



A dental microscope is at its core an optical instrument, which allows the dentist to see enhanced details in order to work as precisely as possible. Therefore, there should be no compromise concerning the optical components. Only superior optical quality with excellent clarity offers high resolution, large depth of field, and maximum light transmission. This is indispensable for a successful root canal treatment as the root canals are in most cases not rectilinear and have cavities and tiny ramifications, which are difficult to detect without high magnification and depth of field. Accurate color representation is also required for easy differentiation of anatomical details.

Today, videos and images play an ever-increasing role in the dental practice for many reasons.
Firstly, during a procedure, live on-screen video can help the assistant to support the dental surgeon.
Secondly, a video is a useful training tool either during or post-treatment, additionally, it can be shared with the wider dental community online or at seminars.
Thirdly, video can support patient relationships and trust, as the dentist can show the patient what he sees which take them through the steps of a procedure and thus include them in consultation and treatment.
Finally, video and images can be included in a patient’s file for more thorough documentation and to facilitate easy review. Ease of transfer to a practice documentation system and the ability to save different file formats are therefore further key considerations.

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