What is a salivary stone?

Salivary stone” or “Sialolithiasis” also called “sialolith” is stone-like, crystallized minerals that develop in your mouth from calcium, in the tubes where the saliva is released for use and 87% occurs in the submandibular gland. In other cases, the salivary stone could be located on the parotid and sublingual glands, which are in the cheeks and under the tongue.Smile-infinity-salivary-stone

Patients notice it when it grows and closes the salivary tubes, and when it blocks it the saliva will start to disappear, which causes pain and inflammation.

You may experience redness around the affected area, fever, or a foul taste. These cases are caused if the patient did not go to his doctor to get its treatment.
Nowadays, treatments of this case are easy, painless procedure, because the surgeries are made with the laser “WaterLase MD Turbo” (Water + Laser),
which becomes more precise, decrease bleeding and swelling, and reduces symptoms and healing times.


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