Christmas perfect gift

Holidays are the best! until we start thinking about what should we gift this Christmas?

Well, at the end of the day, we need to see our loved ones happy! So why don’t you provide a smile?

Reserve a seat that will glow their teeth for Christmas. At a dental clinic, it only takes 45 minutes of their time to leave the dental chair with a glamorous shining smile.


Laser Whitening

Ending their 2018 and celebrating their 2019 with confidence which allows a lot of benefits to your upcoming days! After all, ask yourself “when do you smile?” and you’ll notice that you do it every day more than 15 times. So this is profitable!

You can also provide them with a better treatment that’ll align their teeth without any braces, getting an aesthetic look, with the shade that they choose while protecting their teeth from any other damages for the next 15 years.
It is the Smile Infinity® Computerized dentistry which is done with NO PAIN, NO DRILLING, and NO ANESTHESIA! A porcelain layer, 0.3mm thin, resistant to staining and discoloration, and 30% stronger than any other technique!


Smile Infinity® Computerized dentistry

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Dental implants + Smile Infinity® Computerized dentistry

What is a salivary stone?

Salivary stone” or “Sialolithiasis” also called “sialolith” is stone-like, crystallized minerals that develop in your mouth from calcium, in the tubes where the saliva is released for use and 87% occurs in the submandibular gland. In other cases, the salivary stone could be located on the parotid and sublingual glands, which are in the cheeks and under the tongue.Smile-infinity-salivary-stone

Patients notice it when it grows and closes the salivary tubes, and when it blocks it the saliva will start to disappear, which causes pain and inflammation.

You may experience redness around the affected area, fever, or a foul taste. These cases are caused if the patient did not go to his doctor to get its treatment.
Nowadays, treatments of this case are easy, painless procedure, because the surgeries are made with the laser “WaterLase MD Turbo” (Water + Laser),
which becomes more precise, decrease bleeding and swelling, and reduces symptoms and healing times.


Steps to recover fast from the wisdom teeth extraction.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common surgery, which can be very painful if it was done by a non-skilled dentist. And even a skilled dentist will make you feel a glimpse of pain, but some advanced dental clinics use WaterLase MD Turbo technology (Water + Laser) which assist the surgery to make it more precise and reduce symptoms and healing times associated with traditional therapies.wisdome tooth extraction
But leaving the wisdom teeth in your jaw will cause you much more pain because it starts to push all of your teeth, so remove it anyway and focus on how to recover from it fast and in a painless way.article2

In the first 24 hours after the surgery, the blood clots will form. Avoid touching the wounded area because it can become dislodged which will make you bleed again.
After 2-3 days, the swelling of the cheeks and mouth should start to improve.
Followed to the 7th day, the dentist can remove any stitches remaining. 3 days after, jaw soreness and stiffness should fade away. counting to 2 weeks after the surgery, everything will be normal.

It is a very precise way to heal faster from this surgery… Blood clots replace the extracted tooth and it is an essential part of the healing process because they prevent too much bleeding, protects the exposed bones and the wound from infection, and allows new tissue to grow. So don’t dislodge these blood clots especially in the first 24 hours by avoiding rinsing the mouth, hot drinks, don’t brush your teeth next to the extraction area, don’t eat food that requires chewing and avoid smoking, straws, and drinking alcohol.article

Directly after the surgery, bite on a gauze pad in the extraction area for 30 minutes or hold an ice pack on the outside of your face over the extraction area.
If the surgery was made under a general anesthesia, don’t drive a car for at least 48 hours and take 2 days off to rest home so you can raise your head while sleeping which will make you feel more comfortable, rinse with warm water and salt to reduce swelling and use an antiseptic mouth rinse to prevent infection.


Which toothbrush should I use?

How do you choose your toothbrush? Is it by its color? or by its shape? Well, now you can choose your toothbrush wisely because we got some clear information concerning the toothbrush types to maintain a perfect smile. So stop buying toothbrushes that could damage your teeth and think of every step you’re making for a good oral health.

It’s all about the…

كيف لتنظيف الأسنان أن يؤثر عليك ؟

كيف لتنظيف الأسنان أن يؤثر عليك ؟

ينصح أطباء الأسنان بإجراء تنظيف أسنان كل 6 أشهر، فما هي فوائد تنظيف الأسنان في العيادة ؟

منع تسوس الأسنان 

عند تنظيف الأسنان يقوم طبيب الأسنان بإزالة الجير والترسبات، وبقاؤها يسبب تسوس في الأسنان. 

– يعطيك إبتسامة مشرقة 

عند تنظيف أسنان يقوم الطبيب بتلميع ال أسنان وبذلك إزالة التصبغات الناتجة عن شرب القهوة وشاي والتدخين. 

نفس منعش 

إذا كنت تعاني من رائحة فم كريهة، فتنظيف الأسنان يساعدك في التخلص منها.

– منع خسارة الأسنان 

إن تشكل كمية كبيرة من الجير والترسبات  على الأسنان يسبب إلتهاب في اللثة اللذي يعتبر سبب أساسي في خسارة الأسنان. 

لذلك على الجميع زيارة طبيب الأسنان لفحص وتنظيف الأسنان. عيادات سمايل انفينيتي إنترناشونال لن تقوم بتنظيف الأسنان فقط، بل سيقوم الطبيب المختص بفحص شامل للثة، الأسنان، الفكين، وإحتمال وجود خلايا سرطانية.

farah case facing

تجميل الأسنان في سمايل انفينيتي



تجميل الأسنان في سمايل انفينيتي

إضغط هنا لحجز في أقرب عيادات طب الأسنان حول العالم

خدماتنا تضمن:

 فحوصات طب الأسنان الروتينية (Routine Dental Health Checks)

صحة الأسنان (Dental Hygiene)

 زرع الأسنان (Dental Implants)

 هوليوود سمايل (Hollywood Smile)

 قشور الأسنان (Veneers)

 تبييض الأسنان (Teeth Whitening)

 تنظيف اللثة (Gum Bleaching)

 تسوس الأسنان (Tooth Decay)

 معالجة قناة الجذر (Root Canal Treatment)

 جراحة الفم (Oral Surgery)

– المحافظة على صحة اللثة (Healthy Gum Maintenance)

 معالجة تقويم الأسنان (Orthodontic Treatment)


–  التقويم الشفاف (Clear Aligners)

 سلك تقويم الأسنان الشفاف (Invisible Braces)

 فحص سرطان الفم (Oral Cancer Screening)

– طب الأسنان بلليزر (Laser Dentistry)

 :للمزيد من المعلومات يمكنكم التواصل معنا على








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Facial pain through the neck and shoulders? Know the reason

Having facial or jaw pain spreading to the neck or shoulders? Suffering from ear pain like ringing in the ears (tinnitus) or hearing loss? Hear sounds when the joints move such as clicking, grating, and popping. Or your mouth is swelling on a single side? Jaw locking in a wide open position (Indicating that it is dislocated), or it may not open fully at all? Difficulty in swallowing?
Having a headache and dizziness that is leading to vomit or nausea?

smile infinity tmj disoreder 2.jpgFinally, you get to know about this surprising reason and how it can be treated.



It is called “TMJ Syndrome” (Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome) and it has many causes such as:

  •  Trauma is divided into Microtrauma and Macrotrauma.
    Microtrauma is internal. Grinding the teeth (Bruxism) and clenching (jaw tightening). Hammering on the temporomandibular joint change the alignment of the teeth. If muscles get involved it causes inflammation of the membranes surrounding the joint. Rubbing and pressing on your teeth are habits that may be diagnosed in people who have pain in the temporomandibular joint or have facial pain that includes the muscles involved in chewing.
    Macrotrauma is an impact accident. Can break the jawbone. cause dislocation of the TMJ. Damage the cartilage disc of the joint. Pain in the TMJ can be brought on by dental work whereby the joint is stretched open for extended periods of time. Massage and heat application can be helpful after the dental procedure.
    smile infinity tmj disorder 3.jpg
  •   Osteoarthritis: The jaw joint is prone to arthritic changes. These changes are sometimes caused by a breakdown of the joint or the usual wear and tear of normal aging. The degenerative joint disease causes a slowly progressive loss of cartilage and formation of new bone at the surface of the joint. Cartilage destruction is a result of several mechanical and biological factors rather than a single entity. Its prevalence increases with repetitive microtrauma or macrotrauma. As well as with normal aging immunologic and inflammatory diseases contribute to the progression of the disease.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation in joints and could affect the TMJ. As it progresses. The disease can cause a destruction of cartilage, erode bone, and eventually cause joint deformity. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. It causes disease in a variety of organs with features of persistent joint inflammation. It occasionally affects the TMJ, especially in young children.
  • Other causes of TMJ syndrome include infection of the joint, cancer, and bone deformity that occurs at birth.
    smile infinity tmj disorder 1.jpg
    TMJ has many treatment options.
    For chronic TMJ syndrome includes a dentist, ENT surgeon, pain specialist, physiotherapist, and a primary care physician. Modalities used to relieve pain and restore the function of the TMJ may include the use of splints, physical therapy, psychological counseling, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and arthrocentesis.While treating bruxism, the doctor may fit you with a splint or bite plate which is a plastic guard that fits over your upper or lower teeth, much like a mouth guard in sports. It can help reduce clenching and teeth grinding, especially if worn while sleeping. This will ease muscle tension. The splint should not increase your pain and if it does, do not use it!
    Surgery is never the first choice treatment for TMJ syndrome. Arthrocentesis entails the use of a needle to clean and irrigate the joint. During the procedure, the surgeon may inject a local anesthetic or asteroid into the joint. Arthroscopy surgery is done when there is suspicion of an internal problem with the TMJ. It does require anesthesia and has a high success rate in resolving pain.Anyone with chronic TMJ syndrome is referred for physical therapy that helps restore joint mobility increasing muscle strength, and relieve pain.Click HERE and get your appointment in your nearest dental centers around the world!

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What are the types of braces?

Dental braces are devices used by the dentist to align and straighten patient’s teeth and help position them to fix the bite, while also aiming to improve dental health. Braces also fix gaps. Braces can be either cosmetic or structural. Often used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to help widen the palate or jaws and to otherwise assist in shaping the teeth and jaws.
Braces have a constant pressure which, over time, move teeth into the desired positions.


– Traditional Metal Braces

are the most common type of braces. These braces have a metal bracket with elastic holding the wire onto the metal brackets.


Traditional Braces


Self-ligating braces

They are made from the same materials as traditional braces. However, these braces do not require the use of elastics, which means, fewer appointments and less friction being placed on the tooth. Self-ligating braces come with traditional metal, ceramic, or clear brackets. They use a specialized clip in place of elastics to help the arch-wire guide teeth to place. The clip helps reduce the amount of pressure being placed on the tooth and requires fewer adjustments because there are no elastics to replace.

– Clear or ceramic braces

Serve as a cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces, by blending into the natural color of the teeth. Typically, these brackets are made of ceramic function in a similar manner to traditional metal brackets. Clear elastic ties and white metal ties are available to be used with these clear braces to help keep the appliances less conspicuous.


Clear Ceramic Braces

– Lingual Braces

A cosmetic alternative to traditional metal braces, except that the brackets and wires are placed on the inside of teeth making them externally invisible.


Lingual Braces

– Invisible teeth straightening process

For your benefit, at our clinic, your orthodontic problem can be corrected with Progressive Clear Removable Aligners

– Clear Aligner and Ion Aligner

Developed especially for treating adults and allows aligning your teeth in a smooth way without clasps, screws or brackets. Instead of metal elements, you’ll be wearing a bio-compatible resin splint, almost unnoticed
In this treatment you will be wearing three splints in each treatment step, consisting of different material thicknesses.
It needs 12 months to ensure the desired result.

– Invisalign

Works by creating a custom series of aligners that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly. It’s a clear option for straightening your teeth and can work well for a variety of cases.

Bits of Advice that should be followed during the treatment:
The aligners must be worn 24/7 except for eating and brushing teeth.
It’s important to brush your teeth after every meal to avoid discoloring or staining.
– New aligners are needed every 2 weeks




– Inman Aligner

A quick way to straighten the front four teeth which reduce crowding on the upper or lower front teeth; this treatment is completed within 6-18 weeks.
The Inman Aligner has a small metal bar, which can be seen

What’s involved in Treatment with the Inman Aligner?
– Wear the Aligner 16 to 20 hours a day
– Regular Inman checks every 2 to 3 weeks.
– As with other orthodontic treatment, after treatment is completed, retention is recommended for life to prevent relapse


Inman Aligner


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