What is a salivary stone?

Salivary stone” or “Sialolithiasis” also called “sialolith” is stone-like, crystallized minerals that develop in your mouth from calcium, in the tubes where the saliva is released for use and 87% occurs in the submandibular gland. In other cases, the salivary stone could be located on the parotid and sublingual glands, which are in the cheeks and under the tongue.Smile-infinity-salivary-stone

Patients notice it when it grows and closes the salivary tubes, and when it blocks it the saliva will start to disappear, which causes pain and inflammation.

You may experience redness around the affected area, fever, or a foul taste. These cases are caused if the patient did not go to his doctor to get its treatment.
Nowadays, treatments of this case are easy, painless procedure, because the surgeries are made with the laser “WaterLase MD Turbo” (Water + Laser),
which becomes more precise, decrease bleeding and swelling, and reduces symptoms and healing times.


Steps to recover fast from the wisdom teeth extraction.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common surgery, which can be very painful if it was done by a non-skilled dentist. And even a skilled dentist will make you feel a glimpse of pain, but some advanced dental clinics use WaterLase MD Turbo technology (Water + Laser) which assist the surgery to make it more precise and reduce symptoms and healing times associated with traditional therapies.wisdome tooth extraction
But leaving the wisdom teeth in your jaw will cause you much more pain because it starts to push all of your teeth, so remove it anyway and focus on how to recover from it fast and in a painless way.article2

In the first 24 hours after the surgery, the blood clots will form. Avoid touching the wounded area because it can become dislodged which will make you bleed again.
After 2-3 days, the swelling of the cheeks and mouth should start to improve.
Followed to the 7th day, the dentist can remove any stitches remaining. 3 days after, jaw soreness and stiffness should fade away. counting to 2 weeks after the surgery, everything will be normal.

It is a very precise way to heal faster from this surgery… Blood clots replace the extracted tooth and it is an essential part of the healing process because they prevent too much bleeding, protects the exposed bones and the wound from infection, and allows new tissue to grow. So don’t dislodge these blood clots especially in the first 24 hours by avoiding rinsing the mouth, hot drinks, don’t brush your teeth next to the extraction area, don’t eat food that requires chewing and avoid smoking, straws, and drinking alcohol.article

Directly after the surgery, bite on a gauze pad in the extraction area for 30 minutes or hold an ice pack on the outside of your face over the extraction area.
If the surgery was made under a general anesthesia, don’t drive a car for at least 48 hours and take 2 days off to rest home so you can raise your head while sleeping which will make you feel more comfortable, rinse with warm water and salt to reduce swelling and use an antiseptic mouth rinse to prevent infection.


How to maintain healthy teeth?

We will tell you about how to protect your teeth from any damages through some daily habits, but to live a happy life without thinking of “what should I eat?” or “when should i brush my teeth?” etc. there’s only one way to do that; Find out the following steps to protect your teeth.

Okay… We all know that we should brush our teeth daily, but how many times? When should we brush our teeth? The answer is a minimum of two times per day, and the best time to brush your teeth is after 15 minutes from your meal, by using a toothbrush with a small head for better access to back teeth and soft bristles since they are kinder on your gums. Don’t forget to take your time, brushing takes two to three minutes at least.


Floss daily! and it’s better to do it at night before you sleep, you’d be able to keep away any bacteria which provides you with cavities.


Limit the acidic drinks like soda, soft drinks, fruit juices, and cordials because these acids soften the tooth “material” and evaporate the minerals in your tooth enamel which can eat the tooth away.

Limit Sugary food as well because bacteria in dental plaque change sugars into acids and avoid using your teeth for anything other than chewing foods.

Now, to avoid all of the above habits…
Smile Infinity Veneers
You can protect your teeth with a cosmetic beautiful white looking smile which is called Smile Infinity® Computerized Dentistry. It is a layer fixed around your natural teeth, protecting it from any bacteria, resistant to discoloration, 30% stronger than any other technique, and giving you the best “Hollywood Smile” ever! As a plus, this procedure (Click here for step by step trial by Dr. Habib Zarifeh) is done with NO PAIN, NO DRILLING, and NO ANESTHESIA. As easy as it sounds!

1 copy.jpg

Smile Infinity® Computerized Dentistry (Before & After)

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Top 10 causes for teeth discoloration

Top 10 causes for teeth discoloration


  1. Red Wine: Contains chromogens and tannins which help the color to stick on your teeth, and acids that eat away at the tooth enamel, creating spots that make the teeth more vulnerable to staining.
  2. Tea/Coffee: Pigments from these drinks become embedded in the microscopic pits and ridges of your tooth enamel, causing permanent, yellow stains on your teeth.
  3. Soft Drinks: Like the red wine and coffee, the soft drinks are rich with acids and chromogens which causes significant staining. Sports and energy drinks can erode the tooth enamel. The acidity in carbonated drinks is so intense that it actually compares to the acidity in the battery!
  4. Cigarettes: Its ingredients are hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and some other poisonous chemicals like tar and nicotine. When inhaled, smoke passes through your teeth, leaving a sticky residue on the teeth for an instant staining.
    Untitled-1 copy
  5. Sweets: It often contains teeth-staining agents. If your tongue turns to a “funny” color, then your teeth will be affected too.
  6. Medicine: Teeth staining also caused by antibiotics, which discolors the tooth enamel itself.
  7. Brushing and flossing: Not brushing your teeth for a minimum of 2 times in a day and not flossing to keep a good oral hygiene is the main reason for discoloring.
  8. Advancing in age: The outer layer of enamel on your teeth gets worn away, revealing the natural color of dentin.
  9. Genetics: Some people are born with a naturally brighter or thicker enamel than others.
  10. Trauma: Damage from an accident can confuse the enamel formation in young children and can cause discoloration to adult teeth.

You can benefit from a perfect white smile at Smile Infinity® affiliated dental clinics in a 45 minutes experience of excellence, Or change your smile like never before with the Smile Infinity® Computerized Dentistry which is a layer fixed around your teeth to protect them from any damages and gives you the best Hollywood Smile from their top specialists around the world.

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What can a dental Cleaning Do for You?

What can a dental cleaning do for you? Usually, dentists recommend a dental cleaning every 6 months, but what are the advantages of Cleaning?

  • Prevent Cavities

Teeth Cavities are caused by the layers of plaque on or between teeth. Brushing, flossing, and dental cleaning can remove them.

  • Brighten Your Smile

During the dental cleaning, the dentist will polish your teeth, which will remove built-up stains from coffee, tea, and smoking.

  • Fresh Breath

You can get rid of the bad breath smell after dental cleaning.

  • Stop Teeth Loss

the formation of calculus and plaque on teeth can result in gum disease that will loosen teeth. Dental Cleaning every 6 months will prevent the formation of layers of plaque and calculus.

At Smile Infinity®, we make sure that our team of specialized dentists will evaluate your gum tissues, bite and teeth and check for oral cancer tissues.



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Afraid of surgeries? Here is the solution

Well, being afraid of getting cut, having shots, and drills that will cause us pain is normal! We all hate those cases! But in the end, we have to do it so we could move along with our lives. sunrise-family-dentistry-roseville-002-large.jpg

We, as professionals, have found the perfect solution to our fear and yours as well!

No more shots, drills, pain, or cross contamination…





Because we are committed to delivering the best patient comfort and results, bringing you the most advanced technologies in the laser dentistry: The Waterlase MD™ Turbo!



Works by transmitting an intense beam of light energy with an “end-cutting” form. It is used for surgical and dental procedures, with no anesthesia, no pain and it is safe for adults and children. This is the first laser breaking the speed barrier with the fastest cutting while offering extremely superior clinical results and painless procedures.



Patient having anesthesia



Avoiding drilling in many cases with no anesthesia, reducing anxiety in patients uncomfortable with the use of dental drills, decreasing bleeding and swelling, preserving more the health of each tooth during cavity removal, it is safe to be used on pregnant women as well! Surgical procedures are more precise, reducing symptoms and healing time. So these are definitely some big advantages!



We use this extremely high technology for the following procedures:

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ما هي أسباب تغيير لون الأسنان؟

ما هي أسباب تغيير لون الأسنان؟

  تغيير لون الأسنان أعراض تصيب الكثير من الأشخاص الذين يستمرون بفعل نفس العادات التي تؤدي إلى هذه المشكلة. الأن ستتعرف على أسباب هذا التغيير و حلولها.



 – بعض المواد الغذائية والمشروبات الباردة والشاى والقهوة والكحول تغير من درجة الحموضة فى الفم التي يؤدي إلى تغيير لونهم

– عدم إستعمال الفرشاة و المعجون أو خيوط تنظيف الأسنان يؤدي إلى تراكم الأطعمة والبكتيريا في الفم وبدء التفاعلات الكيميائية التي تغير من لون الأسنان وتسوسها

– الاستخدام المفرط لمعجون الأسنان الغنى بالفلوريد

– السكريات هي المادة التي تستعملها البكتيريا في التفاعلات الكيميائية

– التدخين بصورة مفرطة أحد أكثر العوامل التى تغير لون طبقة مينا الأسنان



– معجون تبييض الأسنان

– غسول الفم

– الاقلاع أو التقليل من المشروبات الصباغية خاصة الكافيين و الدخان

–  تنظيف الأسنان الدوري عند طبيب الأسنان

– تقنية الليزر الذي يبيض أسنانك في 45 دقيقة فقط

– تقنية ضوء الياقوت هي من أسرع  والأكثر فعالية

– تقنية ®The Beyond Polus المسرعة للتبيض وهي من أكثر التقنيات الحديثة

– تركيب العدسات اللاصقة في الحالات المتقدمة و هي من أفضل العلاجات الطبية لأن هذه العدسات اللاصقة لا يتغير لونها مهما حصل


 ذلك نكون قد عرضنا أهم الوسائل المُتخذة من أجل الحفاظ على صحة, لون الأسنان، ومظهرها.

إحصل على الإبتسامة التي تتمناها مع سمايل انفينيتي.

إضغط هنا لحجز في أقرب عيادات طب الأسنان حول العالم

خدماتنا تضمن:

 فحوصات طب الأسنان الروتينية (Routine Dental Health Checks)

 صحة الأسنان (Dental Hygiene)

 زرع الأسنان (Dental Implants)

 هوليوود سمايل (Hollywood Smile)

 قشور الأسنان (Veneers)

 تبييض الأسنان (Teeth Whitening)

 تنظيف اللثة (Gum Bleaching)

 تسوس الأسنان (Tooth Decay)

 معالجة قناة الجذر (Root Canal Treatment)

 جراحة الفم (Oral Surgery)

– المحافظة على صحة اللثة (Healthy Gum Maintenance)

 معالجة تقويم الأسنان (Orthodontic Treatment)


–  التقويم الشفاف (Clear Aligners)

 سلك تقويم الأسنان الشفاف (Invisible Braces)

 فحص سرطان الفم (Oral Cancer Screening)

– طب الأسنان بلليزر (Laser Dentistry)

 :للمزيد من المعلومات يمكنكم التواصل معنا على


اربيل: ٠٠٩٦٤٧٥٠٢٩٦١١١١


لبنان: ٠٠٩٦١٧٠٥٦٧٤٤٤

دبي: ٠٠٩٧١٥٦٤٥٩٢٣٥٣

متشيغن: ٠٠١٣١٣٥٨٢١٩١٩

جدة: ٠٠٩٦٦٥٦١١٠٩١١١


الخط الدولي: ٠٠٩٦١٧١١١٨١٠٠

البريد الالكتروني: info@smileinfinity.com