Smoke & Horrifying Black Gums

Did you know that half of gum disease in smokers is caused by smoking?

Chronic (long-term) gum disease can lead to Horrifying dark gum spots and the loss of your teeth.

Smoking is the main cause of Gum De-pigmentation. In fact, a smoker’s gums tend to turn Grey and dark (melanin), excess melanin buildup in the gums causes an Unsightly appearance.



Smoker Gums

Nevertheless, there is no cause for worry since we at Smile Infinity® affiliated dental clinics  provide the most aesthetic and healthiest solution for Gum Bleaching.

These melanin spots on the gums can be safely and painlessly removed with our popular Waterlase Laser melanin removal technology, On Demand.
The process, also called “Gum De-pigmentation”, usually takes one single session followed by a short healing phase.



Treatment of gingival pigmentation using the Waterlase Laser is distinguished by its high rate of efficiency and patient comfort. The Gum heals completely without infection, pain or scarring leaving patients with the glamorous, heartwarming smile they seek.


Waterlase Laser

We Provide this technology at our clinics by the number one cosmetic dentist in the Middle East Dr.Habib Zarifeh head of Clemenceau Medical Center dental division affiliated with Johns Hopkins International.


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Waterlase Laser technology boasts many advantages over other conventional methods for melanin removal (scalpel technique, abrasion, etc…)

Waterlase Laser Treatment Conventional Treatment
  • Decreased trauma for the patient
  • Unpleasant bleeding during and after operation
  • High Rate of Repigmentation
  • Low Rate of Repigmentation
  • Ease and high efficiency of Procedure
  • Less Effiient
  • Reduced postoperative discomfort and swelling
  • High rate of discomfort
  • Causes minimum damage to periosteum

Hollywood smile Lumineers Veneers cost Dubai Jeddah Beirut Qatar Kuwait 

Hollywood smile Lumineers Veneers cost Dubai Jeddah Beirut Qatar Kuwait
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Replacing composite veneers Hollywood smile

Replacing composite veneers Hollywood Smile in Lebanon can be a hectic procedure:
Nevertheless composite direct veneers or bonding Hollywood smile is a old option for restoring smiles, it’s well known that direct composite veneers are not the best way for providing veneers million dollar smile for international patients seeking cosmetic dentistry treatment worldwide.

The main side effects of composite direct veneers are very often the changing color and shade especially for patients who have smoking habits, the second major side effects is the possibility of gum inflammation for composite veneers margins ca lot be very well controlled by best dentists worldwide.
If you want to go for composite veneers Bollywood smile, choose the indirect composite veneers which can solve these problems and give you the satisfaction.
For more info additional studies should be discussed at our Hotline: +96171118100.
At the end all depends on the dentist skills and the assistance and the the professional clinic with high end technologies.
Visit us at the best dentist in Lebanon and we’ll make you smile.
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