Which toothbrush should I use?

How do you choose your toothbrush? Is it by its color? or by its shape? Well, now you can choose your toothbrush wisely because we got some clear information concerning the toothbrush types to maintain a perfect smile. So stop buying toothbrushes that could damage your teeth and think of every step you’re making for a good oral health.

It’s all about the…

What can a dental Cleaning Do for You?

What can a dental cleaning do for you? Usually, dentists recommend a dental cleaning every 6 months, but what are the advantages of Cleaning?

  • Prevent Cavities

Teeth Cavities are caused by the layers of plaque on or between teeth. Brushing, flossing, and dental cleaning can remove them.

  • Brighten Your Smile

During the dental cleaning, the dentist will polish your teeth, which will remove built-up stains from coffee, tea, and smoking.

  • Fresh Breath

You can get rid of the bad breath smell after dental cleaning.

  • Stop Teeth Loss

the formation of calculus and plaque on teeth can result in gum disease that will loosen teeth. Dental Cleaning every 6 months will prevent the formation of layers of plaque and calculus.

At Smile Infinity®, we make sure that our team of specialized dentists will evaluate your gum tissues, bite and teeth and check for oral cancer tissues.



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The treatment to get rid of dental pain

You might lose your teeth even if you are still young. It can be a cause of either a trauma caused by an accident or because of a lack of oral hygiene and care.

Yet, when you grow up, your teeth will be weakened and unfortunately, they will fall out. And then you will feel nothing!
Except that you won’t be able to eat normally and that won’t make you satisfied…


So, everyone wishes to implant teeth to stop suffering from teeth problems, but some think its expensive and some are afraid of surgeries… So we found the perfect solution for these cases!

At Smile Infinity®, Surgeries are a different case! It starts with cutting the gum. Sounds bad? Don’t be afraid, because the most advanced technologies took over! Opening the wound with the laser, which reduces the time, contamination and reduces pain. And then a robotic system implants the titanium in the jaw bones, until a second visit after the bones recovers around the implant screw, followed by an abutment and the crown on the top and here are the results. Could it be easier..?

Dental implants, will make you forget about your missing teeth and all the pain that you used to have, improve your appearance, improve your oral health, permanently secured in place so you enjoy it without interruptions, lasts for a lifetime, and extreme confidence because of the cosmetic wonderful smile.