Which toothbrush should I use?

How do you choose your toothbrush? Is it by its color? or by its shape? Well, now you can choose your toothbrush wisely because we got some clear information concerning the toothbrush types to maintain a perfect smile. So stop buying toothbrushes that could damage your teeth and think of every step you’re making for a good oral health.

It’s all about the…

How to maintain healthy teeth?

We will tell you about how to protect your teeth from any damages through some daily habits, but to live a happy life without thinking of “what should I eat?” or “when should i brush my teeth?” etc. there’s only one way to do that; Find out the following steps to protect your teeth.

Okay… We all know that we should brush our teeth daily, but how many times? When should we brush our teeth? The answer is a minimum of two times per day, and the best time to brush your teeth is after 15 minutes from your meal, by using a toothbrush with a small head for better access to back teeth and soft bristles since they are kinder on your gums. Don’t forget to take your time, brushing takes two to three minutes at least.


Floss daily! and it’s better to do it at night before you sleep, you’d be able to keep away any bacteria which provides you with cavities.


Limit the acidic drinks like soda, soft drinks, fruit juices, and cordials because these acids soften the tooth “material” and evaporate the minerals in your tooth enamel which can eat the tooth away.

Limit Sugary food as well because bacteria in dental plaque change sugars into acids and avoid using your teeth for anything other than chewing foods.

Now, to avoid all of the above habits…
Smile Infinity Veneers
You can protect your teeth with a cosmetic beautiful white looking smile which is called Smile Infinity® Computerized Dentistry. It is a layer fixed around your natural teeth, protecting it from any bacteria, resistant to discoloration, 30% stronger than any other technique, and giving you the best “Hollywood Smile” ever! As a plus, this procedure (Click here for step by step trial by Dr. Habib Zarifeh) is done with NO PAIN, NO DRILLING, and NO ANESTHESIA. As easy as it sounds!

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Smile Infinity® Computerized Dentistry (Before & After)

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