Christmas perfect gift

Holidays are the best! until we start thinking about what should we gift this Christmas?

Well, at the end of the day, we need to see our loved ones happy! So why don’t you provide a smile?

Reserve a seat that will glow their teeth for Christmas. At a dental clinic, it only takes 45 minutes of their time to leave the dental chair with a glamorous shining smile.


Laser Whitening

Ending their 2018 and celebrating their 2019 with confidence which allows a lot of benefits to your upcoming days! After all, ask yourself “when do you smile?” and you’ll notice that you do it every day more than 15 times. So this is profitable!

You can also provide them with a better treatment that’ll align their teeth without any braces, getting an aesthetic look, with the shade that they choose while protecting their teeth from any other damages for the next 15 years.
It is the Smile Infinity® Computerized dentistry which is done with NO PAIN, NO DRILLING, and NO ANESTHESIA! A porcelain layer, 0.3mm thin, resistant to staining and discoloration, and 30% stronger than any other technique!


Smile Infinity® Computerized dentistry

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Dental implants + Smile Infinity® Computerized dentistry

كيف تحافظ على صحة أسنانك؟

سوف نخبرك عن كيفية حماية أسنانك من أي أضرار من خلال بعض العادات اليومية. لكن أن تعيش حياة سعيدة دون التفكير في “ماذا يجب أن آكل؟” أو “متى يجب تنظيف أسناني؟“هناك طريقة واحدة للقيام بذلك. تعرف على الخطوات التالية لحماية أسنانك.

نعلم جميعًا أنه يجب علينا تنظيف أسناننا يوميًا، ولكن كم مرة؟ متى يجب علينا تنظيف أسناننا؟ الحد الأدنى مرتين في اليوم وأفضل وقت لتنظيف أسنانك هو بعد ١٥ دقيقة من وجبتك، باستخدام فرشاة أسنان ذات رأس صغير للوصول بشكل أفضل إلى الأسنان الخلفية وناعمة حيث أنها أكثر لطفاً على لثتك. لا تنس أن تأخذ وقتك ، يستغرق التنظيف بالفرشاة من دقيقتين إلى ثلاث دقائق على الأقل.
إستعمال الخيط يومياً! ومن الأفضل أن تفعل ذلك قبل النوم، ستتمكن من الابتعاد عن أي بكتيريا توفر لك التجاويف.
Untitled-1حدد المشروبات الحمضية مثل الصودا، المشروبات الغازية، وعصائر الفاكهة لأن هذه الأحماض تبخر المعادن الموجودة في مينا الأسنان وتأكل السن بعيدا.

حدّد طعام السكريات أيضًا لأن البكتيريا في لوحة الأسنان تغير السكريات إلى أحماض وتجنب استخدام أسنانك لأي شيء آخر غير مضغ الأطعمة.

الآن، لتجنب كل العادات المذكورة أعلاه
Smile Infinity Veneers
يمكنك حماية أسنانك بابتسامة بيضاء وجميلة المظهر تسمى “Smile Infinity® Computerized Dentistry” إنها طبقة ثابتة حول أسنانك الطبيعية، تحميها من أي بكتيريا، مقاومة لتغير اللون، أقوى بنسبة ٣٠٪ من أي تقنية أخرى، وتمنحك أفضل إبتسامة هوليوودية على الإطلاق! كإضافة، هذه الإجراءت (اضغط هنا لتشاهد العملية خطوة بخطوة من قبل الدكتور حبيب ظريفه) تتم بلا ألم، لا حفر، ولا تخدير. سهلا كما يبدو!
1 copy

تابعونا على وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعية:


إحصل على الإبتسامة التي تتمناها مع سمايل انفينيتي.

إضغط هنا لحجز في أقرب عيادات طب الأسنان حول العالم

خدماتنا تضمن:

 فحوصات طب الأسنان الروتينية (Routine Dental Health Checks)

 صحة الأسنان (Dental Hygiene)

 زرع الأسنان (Dental Implants)

 هوليوود سمايل (Hollywood Smile)

 قشور الأسنان (Veneers)

 تبييض الأسنان (Teeth Whitening)

 تنظيف اللثة (Gum Bleaching)

 تسوس الأسنان (Tooth Decay)

 معالجة قناة الجذر (Root Canal Treatment)

 جراحة الفم (Oral Surgery)

– المحافظة على صحة اللثة (Healthy Gum Maintenance)

 معالجة تقويم الأسنان (Orthodontic Treatment)


–  التقويم الشفاف (Clear Aligners)

 سلك تقويم الأسنان الشفاف (Invisible Braces)

 فحص سرطان الفم (Oral Cancer Screening)

– طب الأسنان بلليزر (Laser Dentistry)

 :للمزيد من المعلومات يمكنكم التواصل معنا على










الخط الدولي:

(Whatsapp) ٠٠٩٦١٧١١١٨١٠٠

البريد الالكتروني:

cavities treatment at Smile Infinity® is a different case!

Tooth decay, or dental caries, are yellow or dark spots found on your tooth that can cause you pain and difficulty while eating, comes from food with carbohydrates like soda, cake, candy, cereal and all sugary that stays on your teeth turns bacteria in your mouth into acids. The bacteria, food debris, acid, and saliva combine to form plaque which holds on to the teeth. The acids in plaque dissolve the enamel, creating holes and signs of the cavities!


Tooth Decay

When you see signs of a cavity, directly contact your dentist to fix it because if a cavity is not treated it will destroy a good part of the tooth and if a lot of the tooth is gone, only a dental crown can restore it!

If the decay’s bacteria reach the pulp chamber, it will become irritated and infected because this is where the blood vessels and the nerve is located and this case will lead to an abscess, which can be very painful and only a root canal can fix it, probably followed by a crown for a final restoration! And if you do not care about treating your teeth… It will cause you a much bigger problem where the cavity damages too much of your tooth, and unfortunately, it will need to be extracted. tooth definition.jpg
Well, Root canal treatment at Smile infinity clinics is a virtually pain-free way to eliminate the often agonizing pain of an infected or highly inflamed tooth and may help to prevent worsening pain or infection. It is a highly skilled area of dentistry and generally using the laser to complete an EndoLase procedure which provides very conservative treatment of the anatomy of the inside of the tooth, that is why Laser Endo and Microscopic Endo are options at our clinics for conservative treatment and best results.


micro dentistry



A dental microscope is at its core an optical instrument, which allows the dentist to see enhanced details in order to work as precisely as possible. Therefore, there should be no compromise concerning the optical components. Only superior optical quality with excellent clarity offers high resolution, large depth of field, and maximum light transmission. This is indispensable for a successful root canal treatment as the root canals are in most cases not rectilinear and have cavities and tiny ramifications, which are difficult to detect without high magnification and depth of field. Accurate color representation is also required for easy differentiation of anatomical details.

Today, videos and images play an ever-increasing role in the dental practice for many reasons.
Firstly, during a procedure, live on-screen video can help the assistant to support the dental surgeon.
Secondly, a video is a useful training tool either during or post-treatment, additionally, it can be shared with the wider dental community online or at seminars.
Thirdly, video can support patient relationships and trust, as the dentist can show the patient what he sees which take them through the steps of a procedure and thus include them in consultation and treatment.
Finally, video and images can be included in a patient’s file for more thorough documentation and to facilitate easy review. Ease of transfer to a practice documentation system and the ability to save different file formats are therefore further key considerations.

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Missing teeth? We know how to find them!

Usually, every person will have a problem with their teeth, and as he grows old, unfortunately, the roots will weaken and teeth will gradually fall out. You’ll have to get them back, at least so you can eat


And some people will have some crooked teeth for many reasons such as chewing solid and hard food.  The solution to bring that beautiful natural smile back to life is undergoing dental implants, by Smile Infinity.

At Smile Infinity, we know how to provide patients around the world with the most natural, high-end dental results and found the perfect solution to accommodate their every need.Untitled-1.jpg

If you need implants or any Hollywood Smile treatment, just contact us anywhere around the world… We will take care of your ticket, hotel accommodation (up to 6 nights) and airport transportation. You will have the luxurious 5 stars dental tourism experience from start to finish.

Could it be easier?  Contact us on any of our social platforms or through our hotline number to book your epic experience and let us put THE SMILE on your face.

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Our Dental Centers:

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Want that celebrity smile?

Do you dream of a Hollywood smile? The perfect smile can seriously improve your self-esteem. The good news is, thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistryyour dream smile need only two sessions at Smile Infinity clinics.

Here are some of the celebrity smile makeover options we offer:

Porcelain lenses

teeth 1B

Porcelain lenses are very thin pieces that fit over the front of your teeth. They can cover permanent stains and minor misalignment, small chips, and cracks. This is a minimally invasive procedure that requires ONLY Two Visits. Your lens will be made to closely match the natural shade of your teeth.

Teeth whitening

featured image smile

Teeth whitening treatment uses special whitening gel to remove stains from your teeth and give your smile added sparkle. At Smile Infinity we offer three options for laser teeth whitening: Beyond BleachingLaser Smile and Sapphire Smile.

Dental Implants


Dental implants have many benefits:

Look like natural teeth.

Fixed into the jawbone.

Protect the jawbone from deterioration.

Encourage the growth of new bone tissue.

Are you interested in improving your smile? Are you ready to take control of your teeth and find a solution to stained and crooked teeth? Click HEREand book your appointment.

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